Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Studes head to California

Yep She's a Studebaker... and she looks trilled

the plane ride...

She had to listen to her tunes... then se was happy

She did really good on the Plane Slept During take off and landing, while she was awake she entertained the Cal Poly Tennis Team. Which they liked since they had lost there Tourney.
The Cousins

Her cousins couldn't get enough of her. Even the littlest one that was 2 kept asking to hold the baby. I think he liked that fact that she was smaller then him =)

Our Friends

We weren't able to see everyone but the ones we did get to see they sould feel special... lol

Avi has a boyfriend

Not only did she just meet Peja she slept with him that same day...

My Family and the day of Her Blessing

this is what kind of picture we get when Nemiha forgets her Tripod and has to use a burp rag on the top of the VCR... lol

And Finally.... going home.


Lisa & Jeron said...

Cute pictures! You guys look so good. Avi can't have a boyfriend, she already has Kaden. Remember? :)

Alyssa said...

I can definately tell this is your side of the family! Those kids are all adorable and the girls look like you. And you look HOTT for having had a baby just weeks ago!! I'm amazed!! We definately need to get together. Soon.

Katie V said...

Cute pictures! It was fun seeing you guys. Hopefully we will get to again soon! Avi is adorable...