Saturday, June 21, 2008

Fun at Saratoga City Days

This Past weekend Lance Avi and I went to be apart of the Saratoga Springs water fight, They were trying to beat the world record and get into the guiness book. It was fun i registered but wasn't aloud to play since I needed to watch Avi so i felt the need to squirt her everyonce in awhile just so I said I played =) We had alot of fun!Getting Ready to go

After the fight had ended Lance decided i wasn't wearing enough Water, so he soaked me
we Saw the Lady that has the longest fingernails in the world... gross
By the end of the day we had gotten squirted with water, saw long finger nails, made Avi a policeman and then went home and had a nap.


Alyssa said...

Sounds like a record-breaking day, all right, even the youngest deputy on the Saratoga Springs Police Force. Her mean face will definately be an asset for her.

Lisa & Jeron said...

Fun! Looking at your blog makes me all depressed because you do fun stuff and we're super boring. lol