Sunday, July 13, 2008

Nemiha's 10 things

1. After about 9 months of Lance telling me to clean my office I offically did it with out his help!!! And since I didn't have a bed to throw everything under all the left over stuff I didn't find a place for got thrown into a filling

2. AfterCapture Finally published the article on me and I now have some of my work in a REAL magazine that it distributed nation wide. link:

3. Took Avi to see her Very FIRST Movie, Which I thought she might have fallen asleep but she didn't I thinkkshe is a real big fan of IRONMAN now

4. Avi got to see Fireworks for the first time. It wasn't the best spot but atleast it wasn't loud and she was very interested in seeing them

5. This one I am very excited about... I don't know if any knows how much I love Coupons. They make me feel like I am Wonder Woman at the grocery store. to get coupons i get the sunday paper, I print them from online and they also come to me through email. I was so excited that i was able to buy all of our meat for the next to weeks for under $15 thats awesome!!! I got Bacon and Sausage and links and ground beef, oh did it make me happy..... such simple pleasures =)

6. Oh this is a good one too! Yesterday Lance and I were staring at Avi trying to tickle her to make her Laugh and she DID!! it was a little giggle and I clapped and got excited but I think it might have freaked her out because she didin't want to laugh anymore.

7. Avi Got her Shots this week and she was a trooper. She had the saddest cry for about a mminute and once she got her blanket it was like everything was all better. She was really happy until 11 oclock at night and Lance was holding her and she kept grabbing his hand, and lifting her legs so he could rub them... soooo cute.

8. Yea I'm thinking you guys are only getting 7 since I can't think of anything else to put on here.

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Lisa & Jeron said...

Awesome article! I didn't know you did so much. The movie theatre thing was a good idea.