Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Swim Day 2

Avi was actually awake this time for baby swim day. She tried out her new swimsuit in the pool and loved the water. at first she really didn't know what to do so she straightened both her legs and arms out. It was quite funny. Once we got her moving around then she loved it. she still smells like sunscreen. aaaaaah the smell of summer. =)
After we got done swiming Avi Skipped Lunch she was sooo tired and ended up sleeping for 4 hours. That would have been nice

Our FANTASTIC Baby Swim day friends

The "I'm fabulous" Model Look

The "well that was fun look"


One Fish said...

yay baby swim day. We must go again soon.

alyssa said...

too cute. And you gotta LOVE those 4 hour naps.

Lisa + Jeron said...

I love her "I'm fabulous" look!

Kariann, Joe & Brynlee said...

You two are so cute! I LOVE the sunglasses!!