Monday, August 25, 2008

Campin' at PineView

We went camping at PineView this weekend with the Fishy People and S&W (sparky & wife). It started off not being the best trip but it sure ended fun. Before we even had gotten ready for the day Lance had Noticed that he had a flat tire. But instead of just being able to fix the tire we had to get 4 new tires because his were about to die anyway. Then Driving up to Pineview The Fishy People got lost, had a screaming fish the whole way... so sad for them, that's not fun. BUT we did make it, put our tents up in the dark drank some hot chocolate ate smores and then went to bed. The next morning... Lance made breakfast. we got ready and went to the other side of the lake where we noticed it was 2 dollars more a car then we had realized and was looking under every seat for spare change. It was successful!!! Avi was able to play the wet sand for the first time and I don't think she knew what to think of it. She would grab a handful then throw it aside, grab more and then realized it wouldn't come off her hands easily. This made her a tad bit frustrated but it was fun to watch her. One thing we did realize was Swim diapers should not be used while traveling. Pee does NOT hold in them. I noticed this AFTER she had peed in her car seat on the way to the lake.... lol Parenting is such a learning experience =)

I look like a deer caught in headlights... I was trying not to blink because it was so dark


This is was she slept it.. kept the beanie on all night and also slept he whole night. I think she got more sleep then I did.
Gotta LOVE morning hair...
Cookin' Breakfast

Of course this is her drink of choice

Well that was our fun weekend. I think we should have atleast one per summer =)


Farley said...

I think that Avi is more deer in head-light then you are :). Thanks for letting me visit.

Damery Family said...

Thats my niece, taking after her favorite auntie (no not you shayla, he he) and drinking Dr. Pepper. Luv you Avi!

Lisa + Jeron said...

I love the one of them chillin' in the floaty. Avi's like, sup.