Saturday, August 2, 2008

Nemiha is 25

This was the card lance got me... I thought it was funny

Wow there are actually people in this family other then Avi... lol

For my Birthday Lances parents took me out to Dinner at Fuddruckers... YUM!! They have the best milkshakes, They are actually milk shakes and not Think ice cream you eat with a spoon that uthans call milkshakes. After dinner Lance and I headed home and to my surprise when I checked the mail I got not only a card from my parents but a slide show of how cool I am for the last 25 years. I would post is but it would make me cry everytime I logged into blogspot...
THANKS MOM & DAD for the slideshow it as wonderful!
Of course Avi was wearing PURPLE... hello
Lance doesn't taste as good as a milkshake

Then the day of my birthday Lance took me out to eat at Olive Garden and then we went shopping at the mall for some clothes. That's Olive garden in the Back ground... I forgot to take a picture in the restaurant, Avi was with us but we had already buckled her in the car seat so we took a quick picture by the car.


Erin said...

yay for fun birthdays!! and I agree, Utah "milkshakes" are pretty much lies. when i moved here when i was 9, it was the first thing i noticed. however, along with fudruckers, arby's has good milk shakes. other than that, it's all soft serve in a cup. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

alyssa said...

I was TOTALLY going to call you on Saturday and say happy brithday then forgot. (I was reading Breaking Dawn and got a bit absorbed.) But it sounds like you had a great day!! Dinner, shopping, and that card's hilarious. Glad you guys got together with Lance and Cindy and that you got a "real" milkshake. (I htink Arctic Circle was the one who started making "upsidedown" shakes and then everyone wanted to copy. Even working at DQ they had to be "upside think." Weird. They're MEANT to be drunk through a straw!)

I forget that we're so close in age - it seems like everyone who got married before me MUST be much older. :o) Not quite sure where that logic comes from, 25th is coming in a few months and I'm a bit freaked out! We've gotta get together sometime. Are you pretty busy? Is it easier for me to come to you? I'm calling you TODAY.

Rileigh, Ben and a Bug said...

Happy Birthday. My memory of you goes way back to a New Years Eve church dance back in 1998, I remember my first kiss, because you got yours right after me by the same boy.