Friday, September 19, 2008

A LONG update from The Cali trip.

Avi & I went to California to go to Jill's wedding, visit cousins and get spoiled by grandparents. Since I have already posted about the wedding and the Carlton Hotel. Now I get to update everything in between. I really enjoyed being at my parent house and not having to do my day to day routine. after the first couple of days though I felt pretty useless. But that's ok because I got over it real fast when I got home. A couple of activities Avi and I did where:

-Celebrated my grandpa's 80th Birthday Which was nice because I was able to see cousins that I haven't seen in years, and also there kids. (how time flies)

-In Paso Robles there was the annual car show for classic cars. Out of about 50 cars there was ONE Studebaker, so we had to take a picture... that makes 3

-Also in Paso they have this great nostalgic candy store that has so much stuff it is a bit intimidating and overwhelming. But fun. I got flavored honey sticks, those nasty bottles of wax filled with "juice," and my personal favorite, Razzles.
-Avi went to her first Farmers Market. While we were there we picked up some Pickled Garlic (for Lance, I'm not touchin that stuff,) and a new hat for Avi.

-Of course we headed to the beach with my mom and dad where Avi actually got to SEE it for the first time. Because the first time she was actually at a beach she wasn't born yet. She wasn't a fan of the water on her feet but I don't blame her it was freakin' COLD.

-My little home town has grown so much. What is now the city hall use to be the place that went we bowling in high school and also had our gradnite at... crazy

-Towards the end of the week we headed to one of Brenae's soccer games and on the way we had to wait for some turkeys to cross the road so I took a picture. seriously how often do you see that in Utah. ...

- The person I got to see the most out of my nieces and nephews was Jarom, and boy he sure is entertaining. just look: We played with hats and yes that is a boy in a girl costume. he was a pink fairy too but that I'm not going to post for the sake of his father =)

That about does it for our trip to California. The flight to and fro weren't bad at all, she did really good on the first one but even better on the second because we were able to take the car seat in the plane. But Crazy Stewardess lady had something to say about that... she was just crazy I'm not even going to get into it.

Mom and Dad thanks for letting us come. We will need to make it a yearly visit now.. even if I just send her down to Atascadero. =)


Lisa Marie said...

He is too cute in that bee dress. It reminds me of Little Rascals. lol

Kariann, Joe & Brynlee said...

What a fun trip!! I'm jealous you got to walk on the beach! :)

bethi said...

Fun! fun! fun! dont you love it!! I went with my three kids during the summer...and crashed with Jerm and Keara for a long while, we had a blast! love the pictures of Jarom! (im sure jerm does too!)