Sunday, October 5, 2008

Avi Jae is 7months

It's crazy to think how time flies, But when you have a little one you can actually tell that time is flying just by how big she is getting. Now that Avi Jae is 7 months this is what she can do:

-mastered sitting

-LOVES food except for peas

-fake coughs to see if we notice. (mostly lance though)

-Got her first cold/flu with fever... and not it wasn't teething.

-tries to get to reno, she loves him

-interacts with her friends. some she doesn't get to see often enough.

-flips from sitting to crawling position but is confused because instead of going forward she goes backwards.

-loves music and tries to sing along. (oh yea she got that from me)

-can pull herself up

-she laughs more, but mostly at the cats and Lily

- she rolls her tongue around in her mouth.. it's very funny.

What we are working on for the next couple of months:

Crawling ~Sharing Games, ~more giggles ~Standing ~and more food lots of food.

this is her rollling her tongue


Farley said...

Oh, she is so cute. I miss hers She told me that she wanted to come visit Rue. :)

The Studes said...

Avi told me it was way tp hot in Arizona for her to go there.

Christina said...

Wow! I can't believe how big she is! Why do they have to grow so dang fast??? It was fun seeing you at the luau during the summer (I think that's when it was). We have a family website with a blog which is My babe Maya would love to play with Avi!Take care!
~Christina (Brooks) Olson

Erin said...

she is such a pretty baby. you guys did good :)

wonder woman said...

She's just friggin' adorable. Are we on for Thursday?

KAP said...

Well Hello!! Look at that pretty little daughter of yours! Funny thing is I just bought the shirt in these pictures for my little girl! ha! Yes we are still in Cali. I would love for you to come visit sometime. We are hoping to be buying a home in the next week and to be moved in by Thanksgiving. Shoot me an email and then we can chat more!