Thursday, December 18, 2008

Aunt Leah's Hard Tack Candy.

I LOVE this stuff, My Grandma Slane used to make it every year for Christmas, tons of flavors and it seemed to last FOREVER! For the Last 3 or so years I have been making it. Although Lance and I are the only ones out of our family that eat it. It is still fun to make.

So for those who would like to learn here you go.

The photos aren't that great because I was making candy at 11 last night and it was dark.

Ingredients: (I normally half the recipe that way you get more flavors)
-3 1/2 c Sugar
-1 c Light Karo Syrup
-1 c Water
-1 tsp Flavoring Oil (I use Lorann's gourmet oils)
-Food Coloring
Other Things you will need:
-Marble Slab, or
-Aluminium Foil
-Powdered Sugar

heat all ingredients until they are at "hard crack stage" this means you need to get the candy temp up to at least 295* and no more then 305* or the sugar will start burning.
While that if heating up if you have a marble slap to pour the candy out on that's great, I don't have one so I double up on Aluminium Foil and spray it will Pam

Turn off the burner stir flavoring and food coloring

Pour over foil let cool just enough to score it with a knife ( it will help it break up better) top with powdered sugar

After it cools enough to handle with out getting your fingers burned then break apart.

mix with other flavors.. yum
The Flavor above is Tropical Punch.. and its blue!
Flavors I normally do:
-Banana Creme
-Butter Rum
-Anise (Black Licorice)
-Sassafras (Rootbeer)
-Tropical Punch
Ones I have added this year


wonder woman said...

wow -- this stuff looks great!! Good for you, being all domestic.

p.s. I tagged you, if you want to do it.

Farley said...

yay for hard tack candy. You are the best. while it is getting up to temp do you stir it at all or just let it do its thing? i might try it this year if i can find the oils

Kariann said...

Man look at you!! You are amazing in the kitchen!! I don't think I dare even try something so complicated! lol Looks yummy!!

Jesse said...

Wow. Mother, Wife, and Photographer...Impressive. It has been a loooooong time. How is utah? Good to hear from you. Your baby is beautiful. Hope things are as wonderful as them seem to be.