Saturday, December 13, 2008

Dinner with Fish and Friends

We were quite busy Saturday with Santa in the afternoon and a Birthday Dinner for one our close friends at night. Our plans were to for all 8 of us.. plus 2 babies to meet up at the restaurant at 6 and enjoy each other's company while we waited for our table.. We waited and waited and waited. they people before us had finished there dinner and were just sitting there for an extended period of time. RUDE!

Finally we were seated and had a fantastic dinner, beef ribs, potatoe salad and beans... yum. All I was missing was the farm animals, cinnamon rolls and the fair.

Here we are waiting, this was before we all got grouchy from hunger.

Avi enjoying her Goodwood bread and Gerber peach puffs

Heading out. we HAD to take leftovers.. What was Lance going to eat for Lunch =)

All tuckered out from a long day.

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One Fish said...

Yeah I can't steal these because you don't have them released to open on a new page full res. If you could email them I would love it!