Friday, January 9, 2009


This year I have come to the conclusion that if I don't finish projects that I have started we are going to need to find a bigger house.
and in saying that I started a project and finished it in one night!!! (ok more like an hour) baby steps people

Reason for the random art project

I went grocery shopping today and my last store was Target to get Healthy Choice frozen whatevers. I knew I should have stopped at the food but I decided to venture to the childrens clothing.. Oh how they have such cute things and I was temped to buy a lot more then just one little dress. I was very happy with the dress I found for Avi. It insipred me to make a "headpiece" to go with it.

Now I only made the headband tonight, the flower portion was a project my friend One Fish and I made for our friend Jill's wedding.

I would say that is a Zoolander face...

This isn't the greatest photo of what the flower looks like but you get the idea.

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