Wednesday, January 14, 2009

What's in a Name?

Avi Jae Studebaker

The name Avi Jae Studebaker reflects drive, a pioneering spirit, leadership, independence and originality. The energy behind this name is strong and forceful and promotes an unconventional, innovative, and decisive approach. Highly focused and self-reliant, the name Avi Jae Studebaker carries with it an unmistakable "can do" attitude. It reflects confidence, energy, strength and perseverance. There is a definite sense of danger and risk-taking as well.

The name Avi Jae Studebaker does not inspire patience and sensitivity, and does not promote cooperation or a diplomatic approach to problem solving. Think of this name as a masculine, aggressive, creative force.

Avi Jae Studebaker's most positive characteristics: Strength, originality, courage, imagination, creativity, confidence. Good for competitive, high-risk ventures.

Avi Jae Studebaker's most negative characteristics: Pride, intolerance, excessive aggressiveness. Not good for people-oriented ventures or healing, counseling and retail businesses.

I guess we will see as she grows up if this really works or if it's just a bunch of Crap.


Johnsons Away said...

I love her name, it is very cool and unique. I hope she is better with people then they say...She is too cute not to be :)

wonder woman said...

"doesn't inspire patience".....not good for you as her mom!! =D This looks very interesting. I wanna try my family's names.

wonder woman said...

where did you get this?

Brittany Cooper said...

Where did you find this? It's interesting. I think her name is beautiful and much more feminine than what 'they' say!! I did find the domain. Thank you! I actually just went 'live'!!!