Thursday, February 5, 2009

Avi Jae is 11 months

11 silly things she does.

1. Shakes it like there is no tomorrow, she has this funny shoulder tummy roll thing she does.

2. When she takes my glasses off her face she squints her eyes

3. knows 3 different ways to express kisses.

4. Loves to play "boo" with herself.

5. Is content to be in her room for hours at a time
6. Loves to take showers and if you are in there she wants to be.
7. Loves books and constantly points at them while reading.
8. Has flown in an Airplane for 3 separate trips and did great each time.
9. Can pull herself up on pretty much anything and walk around.
10. Knows that she has a "special" blanket and if its not around when she goes to sleep then she wont sleep.
11. if you say Avi... soft she will start petting whatever is near her


One Fish said...

Aw she looks so big!

Ryan and Tayten said...

oh my goodness! look at that adorable outfit!

nemiha! she is sooo big! i cant believe how much she has grown!! it seems like yesterday when you had her!! :) she is precious

KAP said...
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KAP said...

Kids are the craziest little things and so much fun to see how they react to things and how they are truly born with a personality.

Roxanne said...

She's so adorable!!!! hope all is well!