Sunday, February 22, 2009

How MY brain works.

*Every morning I wake up before the baby and get a head start on the house cleaning for the day.
*feed the baby
*Clean the Kitchen
*Take a shower
*Shopping list
*off to the store
*Baby bath time
*Story Time
*Goodnight baby
*Ah, time to myself

Reality (well at least lately):
*Baby starts yelling at my around 8 or 8:30 to get her out of bed. I feed her a bottle then fall back asleep on the couch while she roams around for an hour.
*Hour is up she yells at me to tell me that she needs real food
*Load of dishes and that is if I'm lucky
*No shower for me... I went to weekly ones. =)
*How long has this shirt been on the floor? It doesn't smell I guess I can wear it today.
*No shopping list today, Lets just get the basic food groups. Milk, Bread, Eggs, Cake Mix, ooh that looks good I'll have one off those too. Is there a food group for Chocolate Zingers?
*Crap! I have nothing for dinner, looks like pan fried chicken, canned green beans & buttered noodles.
* Baby bath, and her necked time, oh how she LOVES to be necked
*I smoosh her a couple of times because she is so cute.
*computer time
* Soaking in the tub.. although this sounds nice, after my huge to do list this is around 11:30 pm
AH, Time to myself, I hope I don't fall asleep in the tub...... again.

1.30am - Baby wakes up becasue she has clinging issues. =(

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Grampaw and Grammaw said...

sounds much like your routine when you were living at home...well atleast the shirt on the floor part did!...Ü