Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Today's events.

Since Lance is no longer working we have lots of fun together.... riiiight. right when he wakes up he is on the computer looking for a better job then what he had. And Avi and I just do the same stuff we always do. Wake up, watch TV ,eat breakfast... etc etc etc
Avi decided to wake up a bit earlier then normal... like 3 hrs earlier, YUCKK! so i took her down stairs gave her a bottle and she decided that she would like to explore, so exploring she did. That is while I fell back asleep on the couch.

the day went on and she had a bath, I can't help but get necked pictures.. she is just too darn cute. that and her hair was flipping out which I thought was funny. The day went on I had work to do so I left for a couple hours to do some shoots. then when I got home I saw this..
it's kinda nice not having to worry about packing up a little one and lugging her around while i get things done. I love my life, I think everything is going to work out beautifully.


Sarah & Ty said...

Cute pictures! Andie has that same pink shirt. I would think that she would be exhausted!!

wonder woman said...

That girl has got the most beautiful eyes. I'm glad you're finding some silver linings. And I can't believe she's walking! That's a really cute purple jumpsuit, too.