Thursday, March 19, 2009

New bed for a big girl.

Lance and I decided that for Avi's Birthday that she would be able to use a big girl bed. It's pretty much just her crib mattress on the floor with the outline of her bed. She gets more independent that was and it's nice that she falls asleep on it for nap time with out being "put down" to sleep. We have the room gated off so she can't escape and wander around the upstairs.
With my luck she would go tumbling down those stairs. then I would have to shake my head and know that she gets that from me. Don't mind the messy room, She had play time before her nap.
Remember this face... it's her excited face and oh yea she got that from me too. every time I played peek a boo from behind the counter i would make this face at her... she caught on. =)


The Johnson Family said...

She looks so tiny in her big girl bed!

Kariann said...

lol! Those pictures are great!!She looks SO excited to be in such a big bed!! I love her expressions!! :)