Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Favorite movie of all time...

Normally when I get bored and don't want to think I generally put a movie on. Tonight was deffinentally one of those nights. Lance was off at basketball so Avi and I shared a bowl of frosted mini wheats and settled in to watch The 10th Kingdom.
For starters their is no way you can watch this movie/tv mini series in one sitting. It's 6 hours long! (Ok so I am guilty of watching it in one sitting.... more then once.) I find it very addicting, even though I had so many other things to accomplish tonight they are now going to have to wait until tomorrow, shucks.
That was pretty much it, I just wanted to express that I love this movie/mini series and am very happy Hallmark produced it back in 2000


Farley said...

I love this movie too! I made curtis watch all 6 hours in one sitting when we still lived in Utah. ps. i'll be up there May 13-17.

Christina said...

just put it on the queue!