Saturday, April 25, 2009

Get out and slash his tires...

Q: It's raining.. why are there so many freaking people at the store. Who shops in the rain?

A: Me

After going to 2 stores and not finding what I needed I settled on Walmart. Just my luck there aren't any parking spaces near the front so I opted for one further away from the doors. No biggie I have walked in the rain before. As I swing to pull in the the space, some Extremly rude person pulls through from the other side and parks there.... oooooohhh I glared at him through the rain and tinted glass. Nothing not even an acknowledgement that he was a jerk and what made it worse was he was chomping on fries!!!
I park not 1 space down but 5 spaces down. My first thought is.. Slash his tires. and before you get all "wow, you are violent" I will explain.

Years ago when my parent were either dating or first married my mom's dad went out shopping with them and someone cut in front of my dad and took his space. My grandpa takes a knife out of his pocket and tells my dad to slash his tires, All in good fun mind you. Now whenever I get irritated about someone taking a space that I wanted or was about to get I just think... "Slash his Tires" and it makes it seem like not such a big deal.

oh and walmart didn't have what I was looking for either... Go Figure.


Lisa Marie said...

I would have been like "Oh my gosh, my father in law is CRAZY!!! What was I thinking marrying into this family?" But that's just me. Sometimes I still think that... hahaha j/k.

Farley said...

Grandpa's cool

Damery Family said...

Grandpa's definately way cool. He's was such a funny guy.