Monday, April 27, 2009


It isn't bad enough that I have a headache and am all out of Tylenol. It's makes things ten times worse when the pharmaceuticals company thinks it's a good idea to put this in the bottle:



KAP said...

You don't like cotton? I'm married to someone like that. I had never heard of this "fear" until married to him. Others in his family are the same way. I find this very interesting. Do you ever take nail polish off and if so with what? Do you ever use an astrigent or other type of face solution stuff? What do you apply it with? Steve being male, doesn't do these things and I have been curious of these questions. Please, please....let me know.

Lisa Marie said...

Are you afraid of cotton balls? That's kinda weird. Cuz you know your clothes are made out of basically the same stuff, right?

Damery Family said...

nooooooo not the cotton, I can here dad now. The funny thing is, it never used to bother me, but as I get older it drives me crazy. I have the goose bumps just looking at the picture.

Farley said...

you both (keara and you), are lame!

The Studes said...

First off.. I'm not afraid of cotton.
I just don't like the way it feels or sounds when you pull it apart. The other thing I don't like is whne i am wearing a cooton shirt and lance bites it then pulls away... it sends shivers up my spine.
And Kelli to answer your question about nail polish and astrigent... I don't use them, and if i did use nail polish I would use tissues to remove it.