Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sleeping Animals

This morning my mother sent me a picture text while I was enjoying a nice breakfast with Avi.

I however wasn't expecting to see this:

with a caption of this:

{Perfect day 2 sunbathe, but not in the road silly}

I laughed and almost peed my pants.

My mother is so random sometimes it kills me.


JesseJames said...

I love it that is awesome and I can totally see your mom sending that too you.

Kariann said...

hahaha!! That totally just made my day! I needed a good laugh!! :)

Farley said...

yeah your mom is totally random, because she sent me that picture too!, so weird

Leighanne Johnson said...

hahahaha! nice! that's hilarious!

Traci said...

Your garden is so cute! I am jealous! I like the picture your mom sent that is a great pick me up.

The Johnson Family said...

That is hilarious and totally made my day!