Thursday, June 25, 2009

Window shopping on the internet.

As of right now both my husband and daughter have been asleep for approx 2 hours. So to make use of my time I surfed the "net" for things I didn't need but really want.

A few weeks back I was looking up random movie starts on (it's one of my favorite websites because of all the random facts about people.)

I came across the page of Ashley Greene, she is the cute girl that plays Alice in the Twilight Movies.

Turns out she was a model for this online clothing store blah blah blah... needless to say I fell in love with one of the many dresses and now I visit weekly hoping the price of it goes down (or just leaves so I won't be tempted)

I mean seriously can't you just see me wearing this! I would totally rock it.


Such is life and not always getting what I want.


Farley said...

you'd have to a killer pair of shoes to go with it!

One Fish said...

oh man! Now I want it too.

Roxanne said...

that is adorable and you would totally rock it. maybe we should start a fund for it!

wonder woman said...

That dress is HOT.

Ashlee said...

I think you can justify it for my wedding, plus you will be getting paid for wearing it ;)

Alona said...

That dress is totally YOU!! I think you NEED it!!