Thursday, July 2, 2009

Joy of insurance

Yesterday was the first day of our insurance benefits!!! we have been without insurance for a little while and let me tell you sooo not fun. I was worried all the time and personally I would have liked to keep everyone in a box.

This month is now the Dr visit catch up month. First Avi then me and possibly Lance if I can trick him.

Some of Avi Jae's battle wounds. A shot in each arm, Finger poke a shot in the leg and then some blood drawn. Not to fun for one day, and poor kid got bruised out of it too.

I did have to laugh though then the Phlebotomist said "wow she's strong" (Avi was attempting to flee)


Farley said...

I'm glad Avi did a good job. i always hated sticking the little ones.

Myriah said...

It's my dream to have insurance!

I'm so happy for you!

Grampaw and Grammaw said...

One nice thing is, she'll hate the doctor, but never mommy!

Christina said...

Congratulations! I was without insurance for years, and it feels so much better to have it! I couldn't imagine caring for a child without insurance. Stress!!