Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bad Decision at 11pm

Lance went into the kitchen and then yelled out " we are out of cheese" Me wanting any excuse to leave the house said.. "I'll go to the store"

Ahhh lovely driving my 2 mins to walmart to get cheese and some other lunch foods for this up and coming week. While Strolling along the different aisles taking as long as possible I walked pass the hair color section, grab me a 2 dollar bottle of hair dye then head to check out..

Lets just say, I wasn't thinking things though when I picked up the Light Auburn Box, Either that or I didn't take into account that my hair was bleached. Although it is a pretty color it's just not for me.

I am a Light redhead now..

I will post a picture tomorrow.... lol

1 comment:

Kariann said...

lol You are way too funny!! I can't picture you as a red head!! Let me know if you need helping fixing it!