Thursday, September 24, 2009

Hearst Castle

Never really appreciated the cool things around my home town until I moved away.
Doesn't that always happen?
Hearst Castle is AMAZING!! the last time I took a tour I was in 6th grade... so it has been awhile. My mom Avi and I went up on a Monday and I was sad the tour wasn't longer, that hour just went by way too fast.
I took alot more photos, trying to get Avi in a few but the little stinker was always looking down. so I settled for the ceilings. whats my deal? There were so many others things I could take photos of and I kept pointing the camera up. silly me. above: Massive Greek inspired structure at one side of the enormous outdoor pool
below: Bell towers that also had one of 57 guest rooms underneath

above: Mr. Hearst private library ( it was ten times larger then his bedroom)

I had more photos of the indoor pool and some of the sculptures, I'll have to post them later. they are all incredible


JErb said...

nice photos. I agree; I had never been to Hearst Castle until I had been gone for about 8 years... finally saw it on a Christmas vacation trip a little bit ago

Nothing like hauling all the building material up there to build a castle where you used to camp... I visualize that area and the buildings when I think of East of Eden.

Teril said...

did you go into the movie theatre? And how does the gold on the pool look? I think the last time I went there was in 6th grade?