Saturday, October 10, 2009


After giving this an extreme amount of thought I have decided to stop advertising and pursuing Wedding Photography.


1. In trying to do this the proper way and registering my business I have been screwed over by the government and there tax laws. it is getting increasingly difficult to follow what they are thinking.

2. I spend more time editing each night and I would much rather be with my family. My house never gets clean and my child is attention deprived.

3. there are a dime a dozen of us out her and really whats the point.

I do have one condition, if previous people have reffered clients to me then I will take them, but that's pretty much it.


Jamie Pearson said...

I will be sad not to see all the pretty pictures you take but I totally understand. i think I would rather spend time with my family then spend all night editing. I say just take pictures cause you want to. =)

wonder woman said...

I understand and think you're brave and wise to make this decision for you and your family.

But I'm glad you hadn't decided this when you shot our wedding. ;-)

I'm excited for Tuesday!

Rileigh said...

Good for you! If you are not loving it, it's not worth it. I think you are fabulous.

Cory&SadieK said...

Nemiha--I think that's so smart. Sometimes you are really great at something, but just don't have time for it. Weddings are super stressful too. Seize families and babies--yeah!!

The Johnson Family said...

I love you and think you're amazing. You need to do what your heart desires. Spending time with you hubby and adorable little girl is WAY more worth it! Love ya.

Logan & Haylie said...

Good for you!! Family is more important... This is one thing I have learned this past year. We need to celebrate

Traci said...

good for you to be so willing to stop and spend time with your cute family! Congrats, I am sure it is a relief!