Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We had quite the Saturday last week. In between me working and Lance going through training for his new job it has been insane. I started making Avi's costume the beginning of this month and got frustrated since I didn't have a pattern and I was going off things in my head that i stopped for a few weeks to think it over.
I rushed the night before the Ward Halloween party to finish her costume, and it's a good thing I did to because I realized it needed a bit more tweaking then I thought. Slimy fabric and slimy fabric, along with an active toddler don't mix. I kept having to tuck her in and re tie her every few minutes.
All in all I think it turned out pretty good. When she isn't so distracted I will try and get an additional photo of her from the back.. the bustle turned out pretty cute.


wonder woman said...

This reminds me of Christopher's Western costume from Project Runway a few weeks ago!! Cute!!

....you watch PR, right?

Alona said...

I love her costume!! You did a great job! You are amazing...no pattern?!!