Sunday, November 1, 2009


I love Halloween, and now that I am able to dress someone up (well someone that is willing, lance doesn't count) it' makes this holiday ten times BETTER!
I made 2 costumes for Avi, the first one was a victorian girl that was very basic. this one pictured is a little flapper. Oh I was sooo EXCITED to see that she actually liked the costume. when i tried it on her the day of to make sure it fit she started yelling and screaming at me when i took it off and then went and put it on again.
We went Tunk or treating at Lance's parents ward with his parents. She had had such a long day that she was sooo tired by the time we went. poor little girl.
this was when I first put the cotume on her... all smiles =)


Rileigh said...

That is precious. I love it.

Damery Family said...

It's so cute.