Sunday, December 6, 2009

UpCycle Revealed...

Sickness has finally hit the Studebaker home... well not really all of us I think I got it from Avi, Not being able to breathe is awful and put with breathing through a sore throat is even worse. It's nice that Lance takes care of me, we all sleep through breakfast and he made me lunch in bed.

Now on with the show.

I still need to shorten the sleeves a bit but that's it.



Nikki said...

You have such an awesome talent! What cute things you can come up with! Send me some talent if ya could! Avi is ADORABLE! But I have never seen a picture where she wasn't!! Great job!

The Johnson Family said...

Soooo cute! There is a blog that I love called Wardrobe Refasion and I'm trying to think of things that I can do with all of my old clothes. I usually just give then to good will, but now I'm trying to find new ways to snazzy it up! I wish I had a little girl! I don't think Brayden would like to wear some of my t-shirts (even if they were re-done)!!!
Love ya!!!

Logan & Haylie said...

This is so cute! Great job!!