Sunday, March 14, 2010


No I am not asking for opinions I am sharing mine.

Some my call it heartless the way I handle certain issues and others can understand because they have a similar view. Today I am only slightly annoyed at the newly developed belief that people are morons.. Granted I have thought this before and then acquired a little more faith in people and now it is once again shattered. For insistence, it is really necessary for ADULTS to gossip.. (anyone really shouldn't but come on adults) What does it matter if someone didn't like your shoes that one day and told someone who told you.
Through out that last few years I have dealt with more then enough hurt feelings, wrongfully accused accusation, mix phrasings etc etc etc.. you name it I have probably been in, around and all over it. I'm not saying I was the sole starter of these things, nor was I above it and turned the other cheek, I'll be the first to admit that the words exchanged weren't pretty giving or receiving. Aside from that I eventually sucked it up decided that I was going to act like an adult and not just pretend to be one and I simply said enough. This is where the heartlessness comes in: If you ask me what I think I am going to tell you, But I will not say anything if it was not asked of me. NOBODY should have to listen to your or anyone else's opinion all the time. It might be a good thing to put a WARNING LABEL on everyone's opinion stating *this is the opinion of  'said person', Please do not change your life or throw a tantrum just because 'said person" said something you don't like. Be an adult and grow up* I was told that if I didn't react to what people said about me then I don't have feelings, oh I have feelings just not about YOU. I mean why should I? If you gossip about me or any other person why should a waste my time on being mad, or trying and finding out why.. I have better things to do.

Moving on, I never really liked the phrase "get over it" But as of late I catch myself thinking and internally telling myself it more and more.  It generally follows, why should I care if that person didn't like my shoes, I liked them that's why I bought them.

I have noticed that my examples always involve shoes.. it's not shoes. I could never have an issues with shoes.

Ah yes back to those moronic people.... GET OVER IT... you can't expect people to respect you if you are constantly being this way, and you are going to loose the things that mean the most to you if you keep going around in circles, believe me I know.

oh and one more thing, get some new stories... I am sick of hearing the same story over and over again, but then again that's just my opinion.

This is how I feel when people are dumb.
it amuses me because she is suppose to be scared and screaming
I see jazz hands and loud yelling.


chickadee3357 said...

Amen! Just because I didn't like your choice in "shoes" doesn't mean I don't like you. But when you throw a little fit about the comment about your "shoes"...well, I start liking you less. I have a shirt that I just love, I love the color, I love the way it fits. My husband doesn't care for it. He told me in a nice way, pretty much right out. I care what my husband thinks. I still wear the shirt proudly. I still love the shirt and my husband. We have different tastes in clothes, just like how God created us differently. Not everyone is going to like "said item", but it isn't supposed to be that way. If you can't handle that, take it up with God, not me.
Yes, jazz hands, that's what those are! haha! Love it!

One Fish said...

So what's the gossip? Who has been gossiping about you? =)

The Studes said...

some stupids that are in there 30's and stil stuck in highschool. I seriously had to tell someone to grow up.!

Teril said...

Well I must say that I like your shoes. I may have never seen them, maybe I heard that they were hideous and cheap or something (but really I didn't since I am very far away from said shoes) But yeah, I am thinking of that song I don't really enjoy hearing but it goes along with gossip, "I ain't no holler back girl, I ain't no holler back girl.."

But you are probably really awesome since you were awesome then your awesomeness grew with you and you are so totally awesome than those people who have dissed your are just walking around blind from your awesomeness and don't know what to say since they can never be as awesome as you and they are sad sad little people.
But then again you have to feel kinda sorry for those sad sad little people if all they can tag you on is your shoes and that is all they are thinking is bad thoughts and saying bad things about you or anyone, then they are lame and have no life because there has to be better stuff to do than act like you are in junior high, right?
Next time, say "I am am osrry you have no life and the only thing you can up with to brighten your day is to make fun of my shoes." then you can add , " I am glad I will not die a poor woman because I didn't spend so much money on my shoes..., since these shoes are awesome because shoes totally do not make a person a person no matter what TV and girly magazines try to tell you. "

And man, better not look at my shoes because all they are is old men's shoe nike's since i have wide feet and there is no way I can run after so many kids with fancy shmanzy shoes and then where would all my coffee and book money come from if I bought so many shoes? I only have two pairs. A pair of Chaco sandals from three years ago ( they keep on working) and my mannike's.. =)

Keep Calm and Carry ON!

DUTA said...

Well gossip is part of our human nature; one cannot change that. It won't help to tell gossipers: Go get a life!

The Studes said...

Sadly that is true, however it did make me feel better to write it down whether or not it helps stop gossip.