Friday, June 11, 2010

Back in the Saddle.. that is if I had a horse and also a saddle

Driving back from California I had alot of things to think about. This is where I start spurting out "deep thoughts"  OK no, I was thinking about wallpaper and how cute I could make my living room if I could get my hands on some. Little did I know that wallpaper is a four letter word in my house. Blasted husband thinks he controls the walls too, only joking.
I can not tell you how much I am in love with this wallpaper, now only if it came in giant sticker form that I could take off easily then my life would be bliss. That is until I want to repaint 6 months down the road.

well I have lost my train of thought due to husband hollering up the stairs. I guess he knew I was blogging about wallpaper... see I told you 4 letter word.

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JErb said...

you know those vinyl wall letterings you can find at Target and other places? They apply easy, and come off with a hair dryer.

You can find all sorts of patterns to spice up the walls. (see for an example. I'm sure you can find others if you start poking around).