Sunday, July 18, 2010

a girl and her dolphin

Once there was a girl that had a dolphin.. they had met in a California Target when someone had put him in an incorrect bin.
she promptly named it dolphin and they were inseparable. breakfast, lunch dinner, nap time, bathing, shopping and even goodnight kisses all had to be done with Dolphin. Then one day the saddest thing happen. Dolphin got into an accident and was unable to be saved. NO more meals goodnight kissing, or shopping for him. Bug was oh so very sad and I went into every Target I drove pass in hope to find a new one for her. A little over a month went by and it was looking slimmer and slimmer at me finding a replacement Dolphin for Bug.

Then one day when Husband and I were out on the town while Bug was off camping with her Gramma gramma and Grandpa Greg we stopped into a Target. I though to myself "if i don't find them here then i might as well give up."
I looked up and down the isle.. hmmm no luck. a sales clerk came over and asked if her could help and I then explained what i was looking for and then dread hit me when he said. that item has been discontinued but I think they might have other ones you can look at before they are gone.

I half way jog to the box of toys and he pulls out a PINK dolphin... No way how freaking exciting.!
Wait there are TWO.. this is too good to be true
then with one more shuffle of the toys he pulls out a BLUE one like the pone Bug had in the first place... holy crap another one as well..
I am thinking to myself.. I really should buy all four but I couldn't bring myself to do that.

Instead Bug got a new Blue and also Pink dolphin to replace her other one. She was happy to have her dolphin back along with a new one too.

I just realized that both these pictures are of her in the tub... oh well. at least you can see that she takes those things everywhere!

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