Monday, August 16, 2010

1 down 29 to go...

This was the first day of organizing, and let me tell it did not go so well.
2 things:
First off I decided to make "count down" cards that is why the one above has a thirty on it instead of a 1. I think it is a bit discouraging what the number keeps going up.. (also I'm not a scrapbooker and thought I had to write the number backwards on the paper before i could cut them out, luckily i only did it for this one)
Second it's was just my luck that when I want to start a project I end up having everyone want something from me all at once.

The day started out normal enough.I was fortunate to be able to sleep in until 8 especially since I had a 2 year old kicking me in the back from about 5:45 am on. Breakfast was less of a mess then usual and I had actually planned to go to both the bank and the market before 10.

My plan of attack for the day was to clean for 15 mins in each room. this was my break down

-Dining area/Kitchen
-Living room/DS Bath/Hallway
-Upstairs Hallway/Laundry/ Guest bath
-Bug's Room
-Master Bedroom
-Master Bath/Closet

I also chose a few "Count Down" cards and wrote deep cleaning tasks on the back. that was a plus for today , my card didn't have a task.  

so in an ideal world and a almost perfect situation I would be able to pick up/scrub and declutter what I could in 15 mins. keeping in mind that I would still need to keep these room picked up during the day just not having to scrub them yet. 

I got half of the kitchen and a quarter of the living room done. My distraction was a toddler who was potty training. Which she did quite well at only had 2 accidents. A husband who kept calling while I had soap up to my elbows and also the cat killing a bird out my back door.. yuck.

blah blah blah, I made dinner, then headed out the door for a photo session.

go go go.. glad monday is over.

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