Friday, August 20, 2010


hello cutest clothing for kids EVER! I came across ta website clothing company a while back and was getting emails from them but never really gave the emails a second thought before I deleted them.
today was the day to check it out.. I wish I hadn't, way to many clothes for decent pricing and they all ship to you for $5

Click HERE with caution you might end up buying something.
When you get there you will need to click on the USA flag at the bottom of the screen. they ship all there items out of Europe.


Nikki said...

Some of the cutest things ever!! Although I bet you could make things just as cute if not cuter!!!!

Farley said...

The jean jaket is soooo cute. i hate you

The Studes said...

hey now sister.. calm down!!

Farley said...

and what if i don't? its not like you could do something about it!!!! hahah