Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Sewing projects

There are two different contest that I REALLy... and I mean REALLY want to try out. Pretty much for the sake of actually doing it and testing my skills in sewing and also designing.. 

First: Project Runway Remake Challenge Presented by Rowenta
 This is a challenge/contest inspired by one of Project Runways challenges. It is to use an article of clothing from your closet. They use the word closet loosely as long as the item being used is a preexisting pant, shirt, coat etc.

So Last night I Went through my closet and found an old pair of dress pants that no longer fit. I have no idea what I am going to do with them but at least I have them!

If you wanted to go check out the rules and such for this contest and even enter it you can click HERE  the prizes are amazing and it will just be a ton of fun to participate.

Second: Shabby Apple Is doing there Dare to Design again!

Design a dress and submit. not hard at all! If you get picked then you get to make a mock-up design of it and it gets voted on by friends family and that nice stranger who would like to purchase it. Also if you are the winner you get 3% royalties on each dress sold... SWEET!

Shabby Apple Dare to Design   <----- click that for the info 


One Fish said...

You should totally go for it!

The Studes said...

thanks FISH!!! I'm gunna bring over what i have started so far and see what you think!