Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my return.

It's amazing how a house full of sick people just lounging on the couch can still manage to destroy the ENTIRE HOUSE!

Lance has weird Eye Issues, I got bit by Reno ended up at InstaCare, Avi Gets a Weird Flu then I get it and everyday In between We have Dance, Playgroup and to top it off my Computer Mouse died so I wasn't able to get any work done this weekend until I got a new one. But On the plus side we are now all healthy. I got to take photos of the cutest little newborn boy Monday and I am determined to get the house cleaned before this weekend so I can relax without thinking about it.
This was the Day after she had gotten sick and stayed up with me until 4am! so sweet when she's sleeping.  

The Night before it snowed so Bug and I played in it Well really Bug Played in it While I shoveled the driveway. I couldn't believe how bright it was out there. we were only in it for about 30 mins but we started to get snow blind. Bug walked into the house afterwards and said "Hey, why are the lights pink"

I can't tell I"m not really chatty today so I am going to end this before it gets even more dumb. 
Also Now that we are all healthy I will be doing he Photo A Day again. YIPPEE!!

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