Monday, February 21, 2011

Strawberry Obsession / Photo a Day - Day Nine

So apparently I am obsessed with fruit, well mostly strawberries. Which is weird because I am not the biggest fan of strawberries or even fruit for that matter. (I wont pass up cherries or pears) I also think smoothies are weird, the thought of drinking fruit kinda grosses me out. That doesn't mean I don't drink them I just have to be in the right mind.. and yes I said mind on purpose since it's all in my head how I feel about fruit.

This entry is turning into something odd so I will cut to the chase.:


OK so it's not that interesting.. however one of these strawberries is real and the other one I found in my garage (that means it's fake) Can you tell which?

That's is for my nonsense. Oh and One more thing, I was lucky enough to take my darling nieces pictures this afternoon and also hang out with my wonderful Sister in Law and her husband. I should come up with code names for them..

 She was such a trooper while we moved her around and woke her up more then once. LOVE HER!

oh I've got the code names... here goes
Sunshine and Mr. T.. I think Mr. T suits my BIL well ... :)


chickadee3357 said...

easy peasy, the one on the left is fake. I wish I had a wonderful friend to take naked baby pictures of my girls when the were newbies.

One Fish said...

Left is fake- now please add a fake baby and have us guess.

Lisa Marie said...

I would seriously not have noticed that it wasn't a real strawberry if you hadn't said something. Funny.