Monday, March 14, 2011

I've missed you.

I went swimming today. It was one of those moments when I jumped in the water and felt the coolness rushing around me that I realized I really miss swimming. Growing up in California I had the advantage of not only the Ocean at my finger tips but also a pool that just so happen to me in my parents backyard. When I first moved to Utah I felt landlocked, there was no coastal fog to welcome me home after work, no the salty air (that didn't smell like dying fish) , no beach.. for the first month I was questioning what I was thinking moving here. I have lived here Almost nine years and I still haven't gotten use to the fact that people call  Pineview (which is a lake) the Beach. Really people!

On my way home from the gym, I thought, I wonder if Husband will notice if I were to buy a pool and set it up in our back yard. I mean it would be less lawn to mow although he would have to use the weed whacker more so I'm not to sure if that's a fair trade.  We'll see.

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