Saturday, April 9, 2011


Can I spell it like that? I mean technically it's not a word. Anyway  Lately Bug has been ten times more active then she has in the last few months. it's not like she was lying on the couch 24 7 but she did like to play quietly, now she runs around falls over laughs, runs into walls. OK this is starting to sound as if I am describing myself. Well she is my daughter after all. =) SO her new thing now is when she runs into things she isn't so much upset about getting hurt but the thought of having to get a bandaid. So the tears are running down her face and ask her whats wrong and she says "I don't wanna bandaid"  UM ok honey you don't need a bandaid it will be ok. then she is instantly happy again.  OH silly girl.

And I just want to add as I write this Bug has got her cold feet up the back of my shirt... payback for doing that to Husband all these years isn't sweet.

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