Monday, May 23, 2011

Ruffly Top and Puffy Shorts

I did a few new things with creating this outfit, one being I have never made shorts before and I created the pattern from a previous pair of shorts. (which I didn't use anyway cuz I changed so much but it was nice to have a base)

I found this ruffly fabric in the red tag section of Joann Fabrics, right when I saw it I knew i was going to buy it because it jumped out at me. then later that week I was talking to my sister and she was mentioning that she had gone to joanns in AZ and found a fabric that reminded her of me and it was this stuff. So it was meant to be mine. Although personally I can't sport yellow I'm lucky to have a little girl that can.
The straps on this shirt are actually re-purposed waist ties from a tube dress I found at goodwill. I thought it matched perfectly and I didn't have to make them so that's even better!

 As I said before I have NEVER made shorts, not even in the sewing classes I took in school, for some reason they were more interested in button down shirts back then, go figure.  So these shorts were puffy sides, but my favorite thing about them isn't just there puffy side it's the button closure on the front, this isn't just for show its a real button. I wasn't to keen on the idea of putting all this work into a pair of shorts just to run a piece of elastic through the top. Although I did put elastic in the just in the back (my child has no butt or hips so this helped her not have to keep pulling them up)
There's about a 5 inch piece of elastic in back. 

This is what I was most excited about... CARE TAGS!!!! I'm pretty sure I peed my pants when they came in the mail. currently I only have 3t and 4t but I will be ordering a few other sizes soon. I can honestly say I have been slightly addicted to sewing lately.

I think she likes her new outfit!


love birds and a few chicklets said...

Looks Great! Those shorts are awesome!!

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I LOVE those shorts! So cute. Too bad they're too short for us mommies ;)

The Coopers said...

Gush gush!!! That is DANG cute!!!