Monday, June 27, 2011

Pre-Dance Recital

I was a bad parent I wasn't able to go to Bug FIRST dance recital.. but on a positive note Husband text me an hour into it and told me it was only half way over.. lol

These are from my moms camera since I forgot to give Husband ours...


Jodie said... I just saw a post on facebook from my cousin who has 2 daughters that must be in Avi's dance class. They were wearing the exact same outfit! So, unless all dance groups in Utah have the same uniforms for little ladies, you might know my cousin Marci Rodee!

ps...Avi is beyond cute! Oh and I wish we would have made it swimming today, Paul's little one is sick!

Christina said...

Avi is just too cool (can I say bad ass?) in that first picture. (: