Tuesday, July 26, 2011

flutter sleeve dress.

So I have had this shirt (green, orange and dotted apple with pockets) in my pile of things to use for maybe two years, I never really found anything that struck me as "WOW, this would be great for that shirt" that is until last week!  I have done upcycled dresses in the past and Bug really loved them. She was able to wear a different one everyday without me worrying that she was going to destroy it.

What I loved about this short (other then it costing me an ENTIRE 50 Cents was the pockets in the front. a believe me if it were long enough I would have totally worn it.  

I really enjoy upcycling or repurposing clothing. I think Bug it quite unique and so sure her clothing be. 

My only regret would be that I cut it to be a size for a #t when Clearly I should have stuck with the 2t width and the 3t length. at least she will be able to wear it next year too! and if she gets extremely super tall then I saved some fabric from the sleeve to add length on the bottom =)

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