Thursday, July 14, 2011

new art

I'm excited to see that Bug has evolved her art work more then just swirls on a paper. what I think is funny is that she starts with the legs first and goes from there. 

this is one of the family portraits she drew.  I love how we all have pretty sweet comb overs! 

(photo order of Bug, Husband and Me) 

this one I think is better only for the reason that we are all smiling. the far left is me middle is HUsband and that one on the bottom is Bug and if you look far right you will see two more people and those are Gramma Gramma and Grandpa Greg.  LOVE IT! 

This one is her princess, can't you tell? It has puff sleeves and a ball gown.


Anonymous said...

I love it.

One Fish said...

Go bug!