Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Dont get it..

Targets newest designer Missoni. the only things I actually like but most likely wont buy are the black floppy hatvin the top photo and the Wellies in the bottom photo. Other then that... bleck to it all.

I guess it was a HUGE deal for this world famous Italian designer to be doing a collection for Target. My thoughts are that they should have left it in Italy


Cory&SadieK said...

I agree--Italy should totally keep it because it's pretty terrible and shapeless and ugly. Yikes.

Christina said...

I pretty much agree with you. But I bet if you separated things, like took that long hoodie and put it with something plain, like a black shirt and jeans, it could look pretty good. It's all too busy right now. {:

I do like that hat. I really need to start wearing hats in the sun. (;

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I SWEAR that model looks like a photograph I saw of my mom back in the 70's. Blah to the style... blah.

Lisa Marie said...

I thought you had posted this because you liked it. I was like... woah, Nemiha needs some fashion counseling. And then I read what you wrote. lol.