Wednesday, September 14, 2011

what's been going on?

I'll tell ya whats been going on... Well I don't really know. You see I have been sleeping a lot and I can't quite recall some of the details. I know that my child is still running around and having playdates which is a good thing. And also mean s I have the most AMAZING neighbor EVER. Bug is so lucky to have her best friend right next door and even luckier that Loo's mom will let her play pretty much every day.

As for Husband, what can I say he works, he plays, he sleeps and he watches hulu.. and I'm pretty sure that's it the correct order.

I'm still lame, in the sense that I am still in recovery mode for my ankles. Well, mostly the left one, it's still special. But it's healing. Sadly I had to back out of the dirty dash.. missing 3 plus weeks of training on top of not knowing if I will be fully healed in time doesn't make for a happy me or a happy team. I'm hoping to get my butt back into gear when this foot gets better and start training for the half marathon. (glutton for punishment, I think so.)  I am really enjoying my job. My hours are an interesting thing to get use to considering that I start at 11pm and work until 7am. One downside is that I REALLY and I mean REALLY miss my bed. I've been sleeping on the couch quite a bit so I can hear Bug when she wakes up and make her breakfast and then snooze for a bit while she's playing. she's been super cute and when she sees that I have fallen asleep she will tuck the blanket under my chin, pat my head, gives me kiss and then say "sssshhh, nigh night mommy."  Gotta love that girl she is very sweet.

And If you are wondering how I keep up on house work the answer is simply... I don't. I have a calendar that marks which tasks I need to do on what days. (ie. monday - change sheets, tuesday downstairs bathroom, wednesday - scrub kitchen)  Today was the first real day that I actually followed it. and that wasn't because I didn't want to. Like I said before I was a sleep A LOT. that was due to the meds that my neurologist gave me to ward off migraines and to help me sleep... oh it helped me sleep alright just a little TOO well.  upside to that was I was always well rested and super happy all the time. I stopped taking it a few days ago and Husband came home yesterday and said
~ " um, are you ok because you aren't talkative and you have been giving me one word answers all day." "the house looks nice though" (I added that last line because I'm sure he meant to say it.)
~my reply while getting ready for work. well you can either have a happy wife and a messy house or a meh wife and a clean house... your choice.
~He looks a t me like, um are those my only options?  yep take it or leave it.

Well on that note I have totally lost my train of thought. Oh well. that sure happens quite frequently.

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Cory&SadieK said...

I'm glad your starting to improve and I think a happy wife and a messy house is awesome. In fact--its the best ever. Clean houses are totally overrated. You'll be up and running before you know it. I'm glad that your migraines may be getting better? Is the med helping? I hope so!