Monday, October 24, 2011

Photo Booth Experiment

I'm so calling it that even though all the post editing done to these photos to get the photobooth effect was done in that oh so lovely thing called Photoshop.

Once again Why am I taking photos of bug and I... One it's totally AWESOME and Two I have yet an other ginormous pile of laundry that should really be self cleaning if it would like to get washed any time soon.

I have also labeled this post in three very appropriate ways, one being procrastination, I mean I should have had this Label A LOOOOONG time ago but I figured thats what Blogging is.

I forgot to mention that Avi was the one who pressed the button on all but one of these photos. she was super excited to be taking pictures and running before the timer went off.


Declan & Jen said...

You two are just so stinkin cute!

One Fish said...

You cut your hair! Fun!