Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Shaun the Sheep plus Dr Who

Have you ever watched this show? I absolutely LOVE it! Bug and I were excited to see that there were new episodes on Netflix so yesterday we watched a few.

To back track just a bit, this is a show similar to Wallace and Gromit which is a British claymation series and also have a few movies  and Shaun who is a sheep was introduced during one of those episodes.

he's pretty cute huh!?

Ok so this little Shaun is very mischievous and also inquisitive. he run around the little farm he lives in doing goodness knows what. I one particular Episode the farmer was sending out invites to his costume/birthday party and between him and the dog they ended up getting ruined so Shaun's Solution was to dress alt he sheep up and party goers so the farmer wouldn't be sad.  they had a range of costumes from sheep.. (haha how original) to Dalek which is a Character from Dr. Who. I was laughing so hard when I say it And I kept trying to get Husband's attention about how funny a sheep dressed as a Dalek was... Um yea he didn't really care since he has never watched Dr Who. Shame on you Mister Lovely Husband =)

Well that's pretty much it Oh yea and a few photos

 Dalek Sheep

 The dog and the sheep's costumes


Christina said...

That is AWESOME!!

Everett and I watched a little Shaun, but he wasn't that interested. We'll have to try again soon!

Man, I can't wait for Dr. Who season 6 to come up on Netflix! {:

One Fish said...

We will have to check that out because the girls LOVE Wallace and Grommit. We've watch a Close Shave a million times.

Erin and Paul Anderson said...

I've seen a couple episodes (plus my mother-in-law sings the theme song ALL THE TIME, haha), and it is pretty awesome.