Thursday, November 3, 2011

100th book - After Obsession

So far this year I have read 100 books. After Obsession just so happen to be my 100th book which I think is very appropriate. Reason being it was just released in Oct and it is NOT in a series. which was kind of a relief. I had reading books that just come out and then find out they are the first is a 3, 4 6 or even 7 book series... that's like waiting years people!!! Granted some books are worth the wait.

I am currently stuck on one form of genre, fallen angels, vampires, wolfs, fairies. etc etc etc. I enjoy reading these books because I can read them fast. (approx a book a day) along with not having to THINK to much about what I'm reading.  Some of the books specifically the fallen angel ones have actually ran together and I don't know whos from what book.

So about After Obsession, Luckily its not girl meets boy, girl loves boy something tragic happens, they fix it, everyone is saved. Oh wait... that's what happens. Even though it was predictable it was enjoyable to read. Alan and his mom move to a little town in Maine from Oklahoma when His cousins dad dies so they can help out financially. Thing is He is Half Navajo Indian and he has been having "visions" about a girl who just so happens to be his cousins best friend. Cousins best friend on the other hand whos' name is Aimee is from this little town lost her mother tragically some time ago and also has dreams out this new kid before he moves into town that and something weird is going on with the town.  thats all I got.

Now my 101st is an exciting one called Dearly, Departed. by Lia Habel It's a Steampunk Zombie romance(?) book that I'm pretty excited about.


Farley said...

i haven't seen this one yet, thx for shareing

Braine @ Talk Supe said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Reading IS a challenge!