Monday, January 30, 2012

chocolate counseling

I've decided not to take advice from anyone this year. It's much smarter to listen to the chocolate.

Tonight while at work the chocolate told me these pieces of advice

-Take time to laugh. It's the music of the soul.
-You worked hard - promise yourself a reward
-Do what feels right.
-You're allowed to do nothing
-Find your passion.

I ate other ones that didn't have good advice and I probably should have since I have a stomach ache right now.. yuck.


love birds and a few chicklets said...

Should I be worried??? LOL - Nope! I take advice from chocolate ALL the time!!! :)

Braine @ Talk Supe said...

Wait! What chocolate told you this? Mine is not as wise.

The Studes said...

Should I mention it was dove chocolate I was eating? Those tiny deliciousnesses are full of advice. Also the hersey bliss chocolate is yummy but silent ;)