Tuesday, January 17, 2012

donut hunt

A few weekends back I woke up at 7am in a ridiculously good mood. That for me is really rare considering that I am NOT a morning person AT ALL. I loathe mornings, it's one of the reasons why I love that Bug sleeps in until between 8:30 and 9:30 with those occasional early mornings. Yea not talking about that anymore. so This particular morning Since I was so happy and it was snowing outside.. bleck I thought to make the best of it. Sugary deliciousness should do the trick right? I'm not talking about your everyday run of the mill grocery store or gas station donuts (well our gas station actually has really good donuts) HOWEVER I'm talkin Dunford Bakery of West Jordan fresh baked that morning yumminess. I asked Bugs if we should go on a donut hunt, made up a quick little song that we sang the entire way there, since it was a 30 minute drive. Once there we proceeded to pick out all our donuts. I tried to get at least one of each my favorites are usually the Maple Bars which I determine whether a donut company is good solely on there maple bars, this place I know is good. So I decided to venture out. I got a chocolate cake donut. those are my second favorite. Bugs decided on a sprinkle one. (of course) and then she got bored and told me we didn't need anymore donuts!. Who's kid is this trying to cut me off from my donuts.?!

this is what we ended up getting suuuuuper yummy!
Ok so you see that donut with the white top... yeah... NEW FAV! I think i want one right now. it a raspberry filled but the way the raspberry is  reminds me of the hostess raspberry donuts with powdered sugar and this one is so much better because you get more filling and the frosting on the top is amazing.  I've just realized i prob shouldn't have started typing a donut blog when I'm hungry

Donuts are Bug approved
(and that sounds really gross if you didn't know I was talking about this one)

nom nom nom

We were going to stay there and enjoy our donuts. but it was way to cold and there were WAY to many people there. I guess snow equals getting fluffy for the winter.

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Braine @ Talk Supe said...



Because I've been carbo loading since yesterday and at 12mn I finally mnaged to convince myself not to give in to my sweet tooth! And with those scrumptous donuts... arrgghh!!!

Thanks Mrs. Stude for ruining my non-existent diet.