Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The things Bug says...

Bug: I can't come eat dinner I am in LegTown.
Me: Here is noodleville please come and eat.
Bug: (She moves her bowl under MLH legs) Noodleville welcome to LegTown.

The other day I was giving her an art project so MLH and I could get the detailing finished on the second bedroom. 10 mins later she storms upstairs and says " You are just trying to keep me busy aren't you.!"

This mornings first words of the day:
Bug: I had such wonderful dreams
Me: oh yea what were they about
Bug: Halloween

Eating Ice cream:
'Oh this is lovely."

I mean seriously who is this kid and were is she getting these phrases.

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Talk Supe said...

I feel the same way about my nephew, its amazing how they learn these things on their own.

P.S. congratulations on the new baby!